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United States

Sharaka's extensive work throughout the United States is dedicated to promoting and advancing the vision of the Abraham Accords beyond the Middle East. 

Shortly after the signing of the Accords, Sharaka speaking delegations, with members from the Gulf, Israel, Morocco and other countries, have traversed the country actively engaging with diverse Jewish, Christian, and Muslim communities, speaking at leading universities, meeting with civil society leaders and organizations and elected officials. 

We are proud to collaborate with the Israeli Embassy in Washington and the Consulates around the country, as well as leading Jewish organizations like the American Jewish Committee, the American Muslim Women’s Empowerment Council, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, Stand With Us, and Hillel. 

We have made significant strides in reaching out and building bridges to the American Muslim community as well. In addition, Sharaka takes pride in hosting multiple American delegations, including leaders from the Muslim-American, African-American and other communities to the Middle East. These immersive experiences foster understanding, bridge cultural divides, and form friendships and collaborations. 

With dedicated Jewish and Muslim volunteers and advisory board members across the United States, Sharaka's grassroots efforts leave a lasting impact on local communities. Looking ahead, Sharaka plans to expand its reach by empowering graduates of our Holocaust education program to share their experiences as Arabs and Muslims learning about the Holocaust. Their compelling narratives, delivered on International Holocaust Day, will underscore the importance of Holocaust education in today's world. As Sharaka continues to shape perceptions, promote understanding, and foster connections, we are committed to building a future of peace and cooperation in the United States and beyond.

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