Our Work in 


Sharaka made significant strides in engaging with Moroccan society since the renewal of diplomatic ties in December 2020. 

Through our dedicated office and community in Morocco, we have organized impactful initiatives to strengthen connections. Notably, we brought influential Israelis from the tech, culture, arts and media sectors, to build relationships and explore new opportunities, and brought similar groups of Moroccans to Israel, including through our Holocaust Education Program, where we also highlight the former King of Morocco, Mohammad the V and his role in saving his Jewish citizens in WWII. 

Our highly attended virtual conferences delved into the multifaceted aspects of Israel-Morocco ties, and we continue to promote interfaith harmony and people-to-people diplomacy through public events and ensure Moroccan voices are included in our international engagement activities. 

Sharaka’s thriving Morocco community is a testament to King Mohammed VI’s commitment to peace and coexistence in the region.

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