Shaping a New Middle East

Our Mission

Sharaka (’Partnership’ in Arabic) is working to shape a new Middle East, built on dialogue, understanding, cooperation and friendship.

The Abraham Accords opened a new window of opportunity in the region. That is why young leaders from Israel and the Arab Gulf came together in 2020, to forge warm and deep people-to-people engagement, and translate the governmental agreements into a long-lasting peace

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Our Work

Sharaka is dedicated to promoting people-to-people diplomacy in the Middle East through various projects. Our mission is to build communities, educate, and facilitate deep engagement around the Abraham Accords.


Tolerance Promotion through Holocaust Education

Our flagship Holocaust and Tolerance education program, conducted with the Claims Conference, aims to promote understanding, empathy, and respect through educational workshops, meeting with leading lecturers, and site-visits to Israel and Poland, to gain a profound understanding of the Holocaust's historical significance and its lessons for contemporary society.

Abraham Accords communities

Sharaka works on the ground to build Abraham Accords communities around the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia. Sharaka currently has offices in Israel, Bahrain and Morocco, and communities of friends and volunteers in the UAE and Pakistan.

Educational Delegations to the Middle East

Sharaka hosts multiple delegations around the Middle East and North Africa each year, offering dynamic and unique educational experiences. Whether by facilitating transformative journeys of Arab and Muslim delegations to Israel, eye-opening visits of Israeli or Jewish groups to the Abraham Accords countries, or inspiring American and European visitors to the region, Sharaka is dedicated to providing the travel experiences that allow for dialogue, understanding, and meaningful personal and professional relationships.

 Special Programs

Through our special programs, designed by our multi-national team and in collaboration with partner organizations, we facilitate deep and meaningful people-to-people engagement between the Abraham Accords countries. These transformative initiatives encompass a range of focus areas, including tech diplomacy, Holocaust and tolerance education, and dedicated initiatives for educators.

International Engagement

Peace in the Middle East requires global support. That is why Sharaka works to build international understanding and bolster support for the groundbreaking Abraham Accords, with a focus on the United States. With members from the different Abraham Accords countries and beyond, and working with partner organizations on the ground, we engage with community leaders, elected officials, students, religious communities and civic forums to educate and inspire others to envision a better future and help us all work toward it.

Our Impact in Numbers

Sharaka's Global Reach and Impact Across the World

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