Shaping a New Middle East

Sharaka (’Partnership’ in Arabic) is working to shape a new Middle East, built on dialogue, understanding, cooperation and friendship.

Our Story

Following the historic signing of the Abraham Accords in September of 2020, youth leaders from Israel and the Gulf came together to meet and explore each other’s countries and cultures. Sharaka was born out of this mutual exchange of visits.

The goal was as simple as it was ambitious: to translate the governmental agreements to the popular level.

Sharaka is unique in that it includes Israelis and Arabs, Jews, Muslims, Christians and Druze from around the Middle East, working together in partnership.

Our Mission

Sharaka seeks to position itself as a main actor promoting warm peace and normalization on the people-to-people level between Israel and the broader MENA region; and act as as a hub for non-governmental collaborations and expertise, especially among the younger generation.


Sharaka aims to shape a new Middle East through dialogue, understanding, cooperation, and ultimately friendship.

Our goal is to create people-to-people engagement and help form human connections and understanding, while promoting greater understanding and positive engagement of the international community in the Middle East. We believe that the Abraham Accords opened the doors, but it is up to us, the people, to walk through it.

Our Team

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Amit Deri
Chairman and Co-Founder
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Dan Feferman​
Executive Director
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Fatema Alharbi
Gulf Affairs Director
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Youssef Elazhari
Director of Sharaka Morocco
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Ofir Ohayon
Chief Technical Officer
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Miki Dubery
Marketing Manager
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Yeshaya Rosenman
South Asia Project Director
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Our Partners

Muslim American Spokesman For Human Salvation
OHR Torah Stone
The Israeli council for youth organizations
Jewish Federation of San Diego
Simon Wiesenthal Center
Claims Conference
UK Abraham Accords Group
Abraham Accords Peace Institute