Special Programs

Through our special programs, designed by our multi-national team and in collaboration with partner organizations, we facilitate deep and meaningful people-to-people engagement between the Abraham Accords countries. These transformative initiatives encompass a range of focus areas, including tech diplomacy, Holocaust and tolerance education, and dedicated initiatives for educators.

About the Program

Our flagship Holocaust and Tolerance education program, conducted with the Claims Conference, aims to promote understanding, empathy, and respect through educational workshops, meeting with leading lecturers, and site-visits to Israel and Poland, to gain a profound understanding of the Holocaust's historical significance and its lessons for contemporary society.We can assist with everything from crafting full and captivating Abraham Accords itineraries with full logistics, travel and accommodations support, to accompanying or enriching an existing delegation complete with access to top experts, societal leaders, government officials, peace activists, leading business and technology firms, cultural and religious leaders.

Our Educators for Peace initiative brings together teachers from the Abraham Accords countries, together with those from Israel and the United States, to connect virtually and in-person, to foster relationships, engage in cultural exchanges and jointly develop curriculum and programs to promote coexistence and a more inclusive region. Together with leading American Jewish Federations, we will soon expand this program to other professions.

In our Tech Diplomacy program, we harness the power of Israel’s tech-sector, connecting talented young professionals from around the region to cutting-edge tech training and access to the world’s top high tech firms. Through our special programs, Sharaka continues to pave the way for impactful exchanges, fostering deep connections, understanding, cooperation and friendships. Together, we strive to create a more inclusive, peaceful, and prosperous region for all.